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Immerse your-self

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Ways of Immersion Retreats

Single Session or Immersion Day  —  Therapeutic bodywork session with the option to spend time integrating on the property – nature walks, quiet areas, salt water hot tub, cold plunge, Finnish Sauna  
Cost:   $90 for a session,  
            $150 for session & access to amenities (sauna, hot tub, cold plunge)

Multi Day Immersion  —  2-4 days immersed in a process that is tailored to individual circumstance, with private H4 accommodation, Therapeutic Sessions, use of Salt Water Hot tub & access to walking trails.

Cost:   $275 per day (all included with 1 session per day)
            $360 per day for (all included with 2 sessions per day) 

            ***option to have meals included, or groceries purchase  


NEW - Self Guided Retreat Stay  —  For those feeling like a tranquil time away, we make our H4 Guest House available, with access to property amenities (salt water hot tub (seasonal) & Finnish Sauna (coming early 2024) - with the option for an additional fee to book in for therapeutic sessions or for various meals plans.  Base cost structure for H4 Guest House Rental 2 bedrooms, private home & outdoor space:

             - Single or Double Occupancy $225 per night

               -  $90 for session (min 1 per stay), and various options for meal plans
               -  Access to Property Amenities are included 

To book a retreat or session: 



About Bodywork & Session at The Haven:


About A Biodynamic Cranial Sacral session with Meg:  A Cranial Sacral session is offered with physical alignment that allows the body to feel supported and to allow clients to relax and release. A full body infrared Biomat allows the nervous system to calm and muscles, joints and tension patterns to soften. Meg offers a container of safety for the unresolved and traumatic patterns to surface and release. The body holds our story and deserves to be heard with compassion and understanding.


About Gene Key Sessions with Meg:
A guided Gene Key journey reveals ones shadows and gifts that illuminate and orient individuals to why they are here, what they are to learn in life, what keeps them healthy and what deeply fulfills them. This information is delivered and explored with gentleness and playfulness. As we all come with shadows and need only to pause in order to show up in gift. This can be explored over multiple sessions in order to allow time for integration and contemplation and to not overwhelm with too much information. 

About Sessions with Nevah:

Nevah enters all sessions, with an emphasis on nervous system regulation, and ultimately toward self regulation.   She combines her various modalities of work to meet the various needs of the people she is working with - Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (nervous system regulation), Movement Practices (Restorative Yoga Therapy, and soon to be Qi Gong upon certification in 2024), with process oriented techniques (experiential psychotherapy in the Haikomi Method) to work with what may arise.   As the system slows down - tension and/or unresolved patterns tend to arise - the combination of these practices help to support system regulation and restoration.   

to book a retreat or session:  

email: or

call/text:   778.678.4447

“I have visited the Haven many times over this past year and can attest that Nevah is one of the most whole-hearted and dedicated people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She has been foundational for my healing and I feel completely blessed to have met her. She lives her vision as well, as a radically positive force in her community in a myriad of ways. Nevah goes above and beyond with great love both for the individuals she works with and the community she works within. I have learned and benefited enormously from working with her and have complete confidence in her guidance. Nevah is a gifted, genuinely one-of-a-kind healer as well as just an absolutely lovely human.I can’t recommend her enough”.  

Hannah, Vancouver BC

Property Amenities

slowing down  |  accessing space  |  self-regulating

  • Salt Water Hot Tub (wood burning) (Seasonal)

  • Salt Water Cold Plunge (Summer Months)

  • Finnish Sauna 

  • Far Infrared Biomat’s (in H4 guest house)

  • 5.5 Acres of Haven Property

  • 65 Acres of co-owned private property with trails

  • 185ft of waterfront


H4 Guest House

H4 Lounge Chairs

H4 Lounge Chairs


Finnish Sauna


Wood-fired Salt Water Hot-tub

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